the storytree

As a Children's Bookseller, Montessori teacher and Nanny, I came to find that there were many threads weaving through my work, but one which most clearly defined my work: storytelling. And so The Storytree began. Founded on a love of books and stories, following the child and the understanding the need to know that my voice and that of others is listened to, prized and cherished.

building stories

Stories begin when we are born. We are told them by those who care for us, we listen to them and we learn to retell them. Soon enough, when we are ready, we begin to create our own. Building stories is our human nature and when all the conditions are right, our personal stories begin to grow and flourish. The Storytree is a place where stories begin, develop and come into the world.

story telling

In a forest in Northern Israel, I began my journey into storytelling. Guided by storytellers from around the World, I learned the Art of storytelling, telling fairytales and folk tales and crafting my own personal stories. My practice continues through working with fellow storytellers and creative practitioners.


I trained as a Montessori teacher and use this philosophy within my work. Through the  process of preparing an enabling environment and following the child by trusting in their ability to create themselves, The Storytree is a unique space in which children can explore and express their own stories.


As grown-ups many of us carry our fears, are too busy to play and lack time to nurture our inner child. The 'Grown-up Storytree' is a place for adults to gather and listen to stories of old. Stories that remind us of childhood and speak to our inner child and invite us to explore how we feel right now.